Before you make a start with SelfSmart, you may want to spend a few minutes watching the video walkthroughs. These are designed to help you to navigate SelfSmart and to give you an understanding of what to expect.

For more information about each walkthrough and to download printed information sheets, please click on

Learner Walkthrough 1 This brief video explains what SelfSmart measures, how SelfSmart can help you and how to complete each of the question sets. Learner Walkthrough 2 Part 2 will help you to understand your SelfSmart results, what they mean for you, and what you can do if you want to improve in any of the areas. Guide View This video is designed for advisers, tutors and/or key workers. This will explain what to expect from SelfSmart for you and your learners and will help you to navigate the Guide section of the site. Take a couple of minutes to watch the video as it will help you in your work and in supporting your learners. If you need any further information, or would like to book an online training session or a workshop at your premises, please go to the Contact Us page